Minnich Vibrators

Drill Steel 3/4X31/4X24

Drill Shank 7/8X31/4X24

Drill Shank 7/8X31/4X24

SKU: 700539

Drill Shank for following Bits: 1-3/8 700540, 1-1/2 700541, 1-5/8 700542, 1-3/4 700543, 1-7/8 700544

ITEM #: 05061A-24.00
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1-3/8 Drill Bit H-Thread

1-1/2 Drill Bit H-Thread

1-5/8 Drill Bit H-Thread

1-3/4 Drill Bit H-Thread

1-7/8 Drill Bit H-Thread

Hi-Cy Gener Mha-2Cw

Hi-Cy Gener Mha-2Cw

SKU: 800208

High cycle vibrator advantages; Power from a high cycle motor, high amplitude/frequency vibration for minimal aggregate disturbance, more centrifugal force and greater placement power than others.

ITEM #: A36035
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Hi-Cy Cord 100. A748-2

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