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Hub Construction Specialties has been in the business of supplying concrete accessories for more than 55 years. In addition we stock all types of contractor tools, products, and materials. We have more than 20,000 items, including 100 private label products, and 14 branches, as well as a rebar fabrication and detailing facility, to serve you, our valued customer, throughout California and Arizona.

Hub is determined to service your needs in the most cost-effective, efficient manner possible. In addition, we provide Tilt-up Construction Detailing Services for concrete tilt-up projects. We carry a vast array of tilt-up related items for long and short term rental as well as for sale. Our Forming Division can provide you with rental forms and shoring supplies to complete your project on time and within your budget.

Hub can provide your construction project with the all the framing hardware you may require. We stock all the major brands of power tools, hand tools, and concrete finishing equipment at all 14 locations. We also carry industrial products ranging from first aid kits through to material handling equipment. Hub keeps in stock, a large supply of concrete repair and restoration materials, as well as products for graffiti removal and earthquake retrofitting.

Our Reputation is Built on Service. We strive to identify and understand the specific needs of each customer and work with our suppliers, to respond with quality products, information, and excellent service.

Hub Construction Specialties, Inc., a leading supplier of construction materials, tools, and equipment, is proud to announce more than 55 years of service to the Construction Industry in the Inland Empire.

It is 1957 and Bob Gogo stands by the 25' x 25' garage that will be the home of his new dream - Hub Construction Specialties, Inc.

"I opened with a staff of two - myself and someone to answer the phones while I was out," says Bob. "I made all the sales calls, deliveries, product pick-ups and even typed invoices. Those were the hectic days but definitely the fun days."

After working for a concrete accessory company in Los Angeles, Gogo decided to create, as the name suggests, a "hub" for concrete accessories in the Inland Empire.

"At that time, the Inland Empire was a well kept secret. It was in its infancy with no freeways or interchanges. I figured that if I kept a low profile, I could consolidate this area."

Working many days from 6 a.m. to midnight, Gogo made sales calls on his first customers. Many were working on the major projects that transformed San Bernardino from a backwoods roadstop to a thriving municipality. "Companies like E.L. Yeager, Matich Construction, and J.D. Diffenbaugh, were some of my first customers, and we are still servicing them. Other current customers hadn't even started yet." says Gogo. "In those early days, we supplied materials and equipment to a lot of schools, freeways, hospitals, flood control channels, shopping centers, and water storage tanks."

As HUB became known in the area as a reliable supplier, Gogo expanded his lines from strictly concrete accessories to include tools, epoxies, concrete curing materials, equipment, and now, most recently, a Forming and Shoring Division, a Rebar Fabrication and Detailing facility, and a Framing Hardware Division. "When I first started the business, we had maybe 20 items to sell or rent. Now we have 20,000 items." says Gogo.

With inventory expansion, came the need for more warehouse space. Gogo first expanded from a 25' wide lot to a 100' wide lot, and then to the 34,000 feet of warehouse HUB occupies today in San Bernardino. To service his customers around the region, and throughout the state, Gogo opened sales locations in Ontario, Indio, San Marcos, San Diego, Glendale, Bakersfield, Lake Havasu City AZ, Murrieta, Santa Ana, Long Beach/Paramount, Fresno, Oakland, and Rancho Cordova.

HUB itself has grown in size over the years, and, Gogo proudly says, the best thing about the growth has been the people who work at HUB, "I have just tremendous people. We train our personnel, and try to promote from within. Most of our people in any position of authority have worked for me practically all their working years. We give everyone an opportunity. Almost all of our personnel started out in the warehouse, learning the product lines much as I did."

HUB has little turn over in personnel. And why do they stay? It could be Gogo's open door policy. It may be that he treats everyone fairly and with respect, from a person in the warehouse to his top managers. It may be that HUB is now an employee owned company. "I hope it's because I did something right." says Gogo.

And what about HUB customers? Why do they keep coming back?

"It all goes back to having good personnel who like what they do and care about the customer," says Gogo. "We're more than just a supplier, we're a company that really helps our customers. We don't always bid low, but we do service them as best we can. If we can't come up with an answer right away, you bet we're going to find it out and relay it on. Anyone can supply something, but there are very few companies that really want to help. And that's what makes our jobs fun."

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